On behalf of the APAM (Altınbaş Psychology Research and Application Center) and our student researchers, you are invited to the seminar, introducing the Tübitak-2209 Research Programs of University Students, and information about the accepted projects in our department in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Date: Monday, 5th of December 2022 at 13:00-14:00

Place: Blue Hall, Gayrettepe Campus of Altinbas University

See you there!

The Day of The Seminar

On December 5, 2022, the Tübitak-2209 Seminar was conducted. The primary goals of the seminar were for the students whose projects were awarded funding by Tübitak 2209- University Students Research Projects Support Program to showcase their proposals. Further objective was for our undergraduate students to be provided a chance and introductory session about research funding platform made available through Tübitak 2209- University Students Research Projects Support Program.

The event was successfully moderated by one of our student and member of APAM Farah Aleyna. In addition, the students presented a variety of projects, including investigations into how different factors affect relationships, families, and attitudes. The audience responded well to each lecture and posed smart comments and valuable feedback.

After the student brief presentations about their projects, mentioned the eligibility requirements and the application procedure, and they urged students to do the same if they were interested in continuing their studies. Furthermore, the present academics emphasized the importance of research activity and encourage students to participate in these available opportunities.

Both students and professors found this seminar to be a worthwhile experience since it gave students a chance to present their work and professors a chance to interact with the next generation of psychologists. Additionally, it was a terrific chance for networking, with participants discussing ideas and building relationships that could result in future partnerships.

Overall, the Tübitak-2209 Seminar was a success, providing a forum for students to present their work, academics to connect with the future researchers, and for students to learn about the current opportunity provided by Tübitak 2209- University Students Research Projects Support Program.

The Awarded Tübitak-2209 Projects:

Ender Emir Gültekin (Student), Dr. Büşra Alparslan: The Effect of Indoor Botanics in the Work Environment on Well-Being and Attitude

Farah Aleyna Doğan (Student), Dr. Duygu Taşfiliz: The Investigation of Psychosocial Impact of Social Isolation due to Covid-19 Pandemic on Preschool Children and Family Processes

Gözde Gürler (Student), Dr. Duygu Taşfiliz: The Effect of Relationship Status on Conflicts in Romantic Relationships: The Mediating Role of Perceived Partner    Sensitivity and Relationship Satisfaction

Zeynep Derya Özel (Student), Dr. Burak Emre Gürsoy: The Effect of the Family on the Choice of a Partner in Marriage